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Reliable foundation repair and stablization in Toronto and the GTA. Trust your foundation work to the professionals.

Welcome to A&A Foundation Repair!

A&A Foundation & Settlement Repair is a division of A&A Masonry, an award-winning Ontario-based company specializing in all services relating to masonry and concrete, with over 30 years’ experience. A&A is dedicated to providing the highest quality on every job.

A&A are specialists in foundation and structural repair. In addition, we offer restoration and strengthening of brickwork, masonry and concrete structures.

A&A provides complete foundation & settlement repair solutions. We can construct new foundations and combine the latest repair techniques with time-tested traditional skills for stability durability, offering the right solution for your home.

Why would you need Foundation & Settlement repair?

  • You can strengthen the original foundation which has weakened, become unstable, or is not strong enough to support the weight of your existing home.
  • Foundation repair handles new stress and weight added to the foundation through home additions or any other structural changes that have increased the stress and weight on the foundation.
  • Fixes any issues caused by soil property changes (shifting or sinking) and stabilizes your home.

Foundation Repair Toronto


DEFINITION: Land subsidence is a gradual settling or sudden sinking of the Earth’s surface owing to subsurface movement of earth materials.

So what happens to your home when your foundation sinks? It usually causes structural damage to your home seen by foundation cracks, cracks in the concrete, cracks in plaster or drywall, sticky doors and windows and other problems you may not see.

Let us STOP the damage and correct the structural damage and safeguard your home investment.


A&A MASONRY – Helical Pier Foundation System

Our foundation support systems use end-bearing helical anchors, this is basically a screw anchor that is screwed into the soil until it becomes a stable anchor, then it is attached to an adjustable bracket to the existing foundation, new foundation or even a wall. This is all done per an engineer’s plans. The result of using this system is that your floors, walls, and foundation are repositioned to their rightful place and further movement is restrained.

Screw anchors have many applications from the underpinning homes; foundation wall or slope support; to fixing the problem of eroded or loose soil.

Foundation Lifting and Leveling

This system is excellent for limited access areas around homes and does not create the amount of damage other systems end up doing to the area around the home. This then becomes less stressful and easier to put the property back to its original state.


You see cracks in your interior walls and or ceilings

You see cracks in your tiles or other flooring substrates

You see sunken or uneven floors

Your windows and doors are sticky or they don’t open properly

concrete-repairYou see cracks in your basement walls (foundation)

You see cracks in exterior walls – brickwork or concrete slabs

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All our employees are fully trained with years of experience in all aspects of foundation repair.

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Our pricing is competitive and more importantly we ensure your full satisfaction.


Standard Industry Guarantees are given.

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Every crew member has years of experience in all aspects of not only foundation work but concrete, waterproofing and masonry work.

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Our support will not let you down, fast quotes, and communication throughout the entire job.