Foundation & Settlement Repair

Below is what most homeowners will run into when it comes to foundation problems. This is how we fix these problems.

Problems we would run into would be where the homeowner needs Foundation Repair:

  1. Large cracks in the foundation and transferring into the masonry work above the foundation.
  2. Footings fail and sink or get pushed up
  3. Fieldstone foundations that deteriorate
  4. Water infiltration through walls or under floor
  5. The client wants to have higher ceilings in the basement (underpinning)

What A&A does when it comes to repairing a foundation or fixing a sinking foundation:

We can underpin the footings to create new support for the house, basement crack repair and waterproofing on all walls, then repair the masonry with brick replacement and tuck pointing. We can also install screw piles into the footing to support the house instead of undermining and then do the crack repair in the foundation wall, the waterproofing and brick repair.

  1. We would cut out the old footing and form and pour new one (footings have rebar in them) and they are fastened to the bottom of the foundation wall of the house.  We then install screw piles to prevent the footings from sinking. If the footings are moving up it is usually because of high moisture content in the soil and when the soil freezes it pushes up against the foundation. If it isn’t connected to each other, the foundation wall can be lifted. This action is called “frost jacking” and can be fixed by changing out the soil, installing a plastic vapour barrier (roll of plastic) with waterproofing behind the plastic sheet and then installing rigid foam insulation up against the wall.
  2. We would either remove the bad mortar between stones and install new mortar (tuck pointing) or we can brace the house, remove sections of foundation wall in phases, form and pour new footings with a foundation wall and then a waterproof wall.  we can also install anchors into the wall and basically pour a new wall right beside the existing wall.
  3. We would do interior water management in some cases if the outside isn’t accessible or if they have expensive landscaping around the house.We would dig a trench along the inside perimeter wall and install a weeping tile in the trench, that would go to a sump pit with a pump inside to shoot the water outside when it fills up. A backflow preventer is installed after the pump to stop water from draining back into the sump. We then install drainage board on the wall and overlap it over the weeping tile and then pour new concrete.
  4. Clients in most cases are eligible for rebates on the sump pump and the water management system from the city.
    A&A are certified to install sump pumps. The interior system also will prevent water from entering the basement floor as well.
  5. We also do exterior waterproofing where we dig down to the footings and install new weeping tile, new gravel at the footing, we repair the wall if there are any cracks, we parge the wall, then we install Aqua-Bloc tar membrane and Delta MS drainage board.
    This will stop water from coming through the wall.
    This comes with a 25-year guarantee if we waterproof an entire wall and return each corner a foot and a half each side. A client wants higher ceiling we will underpin the
    basement floor and lower it. We can also do bench footing and step down so that we can have higher ceilings.
  6. A client wants higher ceiling we will underpin the basement floor and lower it. We can also do bench footing and step down so that we can have higher ceilings.

Foundation Repair

Screw Piles

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